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  • Date Created: Feb 10, 2017
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Tags: JavaScript HTML CSS


The client's homepage currently has some information about the first chapter of the Silmarillion, product now wants to display additional images and information on the page, and they decided to include a carousel.

You can see the live version here.

The additional images are included in the images folder provided, they should scroll in the order given their names. After the last image, display the first one again. The slides should change every 3 seconds.

The titles for the slides will be the following, Title : Subtitle

  1. Valaquenta : Account of the Valar and Maiar according to the lore of the Eldar
  2. Quenta Silmarillion : The History of the Silmarils
  3. Akallabêth : The Downfall of Númenor
  4. Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age : in which these tales come to their end


Technical Notes

You could use any library or plugin needed, but the following would be preferred:

  • Avoid jQuery, use vanilla-js
  • Show bullets to know the current slide
  • Show arrows to change the slide, back and forth
  • An ideal solution will require no more JS code if more slides are added
  • Should work in any size, responsive
  • Change any part of the markup or CSS as you deem necessary.

When you're done, push to your repo and submit your answer.

When you're done, push to your repo and submit your answer.




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  • Basic knowledge of git
  • Basic understanding of HTML/CSS
  • Basic understanding of JavaScript

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  2. Solve the ticket
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  6. Submit your response

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