Create a Functional Mockup

  • Owner: Glaurung
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Type: Task
  • Asigned to: Me
  • Date Created: 10-February-2017
  • Priority: Blocker
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Tags: #HTML #CSS #Design


The designer just handed the latest version of the design for the new maganize. Find the files in the attachments section, in Github, or in Sketch Viewer.

We included a Sketch version, a PDF and PNGs, they're all the same, feel free to use the one that you're more comfortable with.


The design for the website look like this:

Technical Notes

You could use any CSS library for the layout that you're most comfortable with, like Bootsrap. The sizes of elements and distrubution don't need to be 100% exactly like in the design.

The following would be preferred:

  • Avoid any CSS library
  • Use semantic markup
  • No JS should be required
  • Should work in any size, responsive
  • Replace the color rectangles with other images
  • Replace the gray rectangles with text, it can be dummy text like Lorem Ipsum
  • The absolute and relative size of elements is just like the design

When you're done, push to your repo and submit your answer.

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To solve this, the following is recommended:

  • Github account
  • Basic understanding of Github
  • Basic knowledge of git
  • Basic understanding of HTML/CSS

Look at our help section for more information about this.


To create your answer follow this steps:

  • Fork the repo to your account, or download the zip file
  • Solve the ticket
  • Commit your code
  • Push your changes
  • Publish your version in Github Pages
  • Submit your response

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