Get repos for user from the Github API

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  • Type: Task
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  • Date Created: Mar 4, 2017
  • Priority: Blocker
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Tags: HTML CSS JavaScript API


We're creating a tool to allow us to peak in someone's github profile, we want to see what type of work they have been doing. One of the interns finished the basic HTML and CSS from the design given, now is missing to add the API integration.

For the initial version, hardcode your own username there.

The existing code is in Github, and you can see it live here .


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Technical Notes

Github has a public endpoint where you can find the repos for a given user, the url is the following${username}/repos.

For example will display a list of all our public repos.

Add JavaScript code to make a request to that endpoint, then use that information to create .repo elements that display it, using the given template.

  • Should work in any size, responsive
  • You could use any JS framework or library, but vanillaJs is preferred
  • It only needs to work in the latest version of Chrome, no need to check on older browsers. So feel free to use modern APIs.

When you're done, push to your repo and submit your answer.

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When you're done, push to your repo and submit your answer.




To solve this, the following is recommended:

  • Github account, and basic git skills
  • JavaScript proficiency, AJAX, events, DOM manipulation

Look at our learning section for more information about this.

Look at our help section for more information about this.


To create your answer follow this steps:

  • Fork the repo to your account, or download the zip file
  • Solve the ticket
  • Commit your code
  • Push your changes
  • Publish your version in Github Pages
  • Submit your response

Troubleshooting | Help

If you have need clarification with the project, files, or description, open an issue on github.

For questions with the platform, email us at [email protected]

For help with github or coding, consult our Learning and Resources page, where you will find information and links to tutorials and other content.