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  • Owner: Eärendil
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  • Type: Feature
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  • Date Created: Jan 6, 2018
  • Priority: Critical
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Tags: react javascript webpack ajax API


Four our dating site we want to list singles in the area, so that visitors can get to chose who they'd like to go out with and get in touch.

The data is found in this endpoint: https://randomuser.me/api/?results=20.

Most of the design is ready, but the data being shown right now is hardcoded, and the current version has everything on the same file, which is a pretty crappy way to use React.


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Technical Notes

Check out the Readme that the React team put together as an intro here.

Learn about the Container Components Pattern.

Learn about React Redux.

Check out Isomorphic Fetch.

When you're done, push to your repo and submit your answer.



To solve this, the following is recommended:

Github account, and basic git skills.

JavaScript and React proficiency, AJAX, events, state management, Redux.

Look at our help section for more information about this.

Look at our help section for more information about this.


To create your answer follow this steps:

Fork the repo to your account, or download the zip file

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